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Queer Lenormand Celebrates Pride at Meta!

Meta, aka Facebook and Instagram, invited the Queer Lenormand to celebrate Pride month this year, 2023! I'll tell you about my fantastic experience at the Meta office in London showcasing my rainbow deck.

Meta invited LGBTQIA+ small businesses to participate in their regular pop-up market on the 20th and 22nd of June in their offices in London to give them visibility and make new connections. Having this initiative that helps support many small businesses is a great and important idea.

I was at the Rathbone Square Office in Soho, but the pop-up market also took place at their King's Cross and Brock Street offices. Once inside the building, I was well-received by the lovely staff. I did the check-in and waited to get my badge alongside other LGBTQIA+ small businesses. We were then taken to where the market would happen, near the entrance of the cantine.

At Meta Office in Soho, London. Open space where it's visible, another room with chairs and tables. It has a glass wall. There is a screen as well.
Meta Office in Soho, London

When we arrived, I immediately noticed the giant Ninja Turtle in front of the tables. How cool!

A person holding a suitcase standing next to a giant Ninja Turtle inside Meta office in Soho London
Me with the Ninja Turtle!

This was my first market with the Queer Lenormand. I was excited and super happy to have this opportunity to present my LGBTQIA+ divination deck to people, chat with them, sell decks and get their feedback.

My partner and I started setting up the table, which looked great. The market took place for two hours during the lunch break.

Two people are smiling next to a colourful wall in the background.
Love is Love!

I was delighted with everything. It made me happy that many people approached me, wanting to know more about my rainbow oracle deck. I chatted with some friendly people, exchanged information and got new followers on the Queer Lenormand Instagram account.

A person standing behind a table filled with different LGBTQIA+ objects such as a reading cloth, postcards, pin badges, deck of cards, necklaces and rings. Behind the person, there is a yellow sofa with several rainbow flags.
The Queer Lenormand table

Many people didn't know about the Lenormand deck or never had a reading, but they reacted positively and with curiosity. So my partner and I had fun explaining the history of the Lenormand, how to use the deck, and especially why I developed this deck and why it's important for the LGBTQIA+ community. I even dared to do some readings for people with one card! I put a Pick a Card sign on the table so people could choose a card and get a message. It was fun to see how people would react. Some would smile after receiving the message, but others would be surprised and say it was accurate. In the past, I used to do readings in Brazil.

I sold decks that people bought for themselves or to give as a gift to someone. I then received very good positive feedback about the Queer Lenormand.

Besides the deck, I also created some adorable postcards and pin badges with illustrations inspired by the deck. Soon they will be available on the Queerdivine website or the Queerdivine Etsy shop!

Through this experience, I also enjoyed meeting other fantastic LGBTQIA+ small business owners and their products: Secret Hevan, Honey Corn, The Pin Prick and Studio Limbo.

 Five people are smiling together, with a yellow sofa and rainbow flags in the background.
All the lovely LGBTQIA+ business owners

I also liked the designs around the building, the awesome Facebook gold sign and the lovely emojis on the lift.

 At the Meta office in Soho, London, a person is standing in front of the Facebook gold sign smiling and next to it is a big smile emoji holding a heart on the lift doors. n the lift
Facebook gold sign and the lovely emojis on the lift

Thank you, Meta, for giving the Queer Lenormand opportunity to shine, reach more people and have more visibility.

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